Want to be an expert in Italian wine? You came to the right place! Its easy.

Buon Giorno, welcome to Italian-wine-coach.com, the site dedicated to improving your Italian wine experience.

Whether you are here because you love vino and want to learn more, or you are intimidated ordering from the wine list in an Italian restaurant, or you are preparing for a visit to Italy, You came to the right place!

Think about this site as your key to an Italian wine education. Spend some time with us and you will have the confidence of a Sommelier d'Italia.

We will help you learn in a no-nonsense, simple, non-intimidating way. This is not a site for the wine snob. There are plenty of those.

This site is dedicated to Italian wines - not French, not Australian, not even Californian - Just Italian.

Did you know...Italy was the leading producer of wine in the world in 2008, beating out France and that thirty per cent of all the wine consumed in the U.S. is from Italy? Check out more Fun Facts with the link at the left or bottom of page.

How would you like to:

Understand and pronounce everything on a wine label

• Order from your favorite Italian restaurant's wine list with confidence

• discuss the best wines from Italy

• know the best varietals

• know the best vintages

• know the wine regions of Italy, and the appellations, varietals and wines most prominent in the region

• understand the Italian government’s wine classification system.

You came to the right place!

You will also learn about buying and storing wine, shipping laws, experience-enhancing accessories, tasting, and matching with food.

We will be adding some other topics later, all focused on the Italian wine experience, such as the best of: local wine and food stores; wine bars; gift baskets; wine clubs; and the best online stores.

A unique component of our site is our learn-about-Italian-wine approach. You choose how you want to learn. You can delve into one topic as much as you like or develop a broad knowledge on a variety of topics.

Whatever your knowledge of Italian wines, bambino, goombah (with great respect) or somewhere in between, we will make you as smart as you want.

Our motto- Bere il vino come un Italiano. Ogni giorno!

(Drink wine like an Italian. Daily!)