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If this is your first time, thank you for visiting Italian Wine Education Made Easy. Our primary objective is to help you achieve your desired level of Italian wine knowledge. Of course, we hope you keep coming back until you order wine like a Goombah.

To make it easy to learn, we split each topic into three levels; Bambino, Ragazzo, and Goombah. If you are an Italian wine bambino, you may want to start at the beginning of each topic and advance at your own pace. Later, or if you are already have knowledge of the topic, simply skip to the level you desire, say Ragazzo or Goombah.

For example, if you already have a knowledge of the Italian vowels and consonants, skip Bambino and go directly to Ragazzo.

Our suggestion-if you don't yet have a command of Italian pronunciation, spend some time there. It will make everything else easy.

Here's an idea of what you will find in our Italian Wine Education section.

Basic Italian Pronunciation - This section gives you the basics of pronunciation of the Italian language, including vowels, consonants, letter combos, and common wine terms. A few basic rules makes what looks hard easy. You can use both text and audio to help master the wine language of Italy. An example of the audio associated with the "chi" sound follows. Click the "Play" button.

These sample pronunciations will be seen throughout the site. Just click as you please.

Italian Wine Regions and Appelations - Italy is divided into political regions, which also serve as wine regions. In this section, you will find maps and basic information about the appellations, major varietals and wines of each region.

Grape Varietals - Italy has hundreds of varieties of grape. Fortunately, if you know twenty or so, you will get along just fine.

Wine Classification System - The Government of Italy, like France, has strict laws about quality and varietal designations. This section will tell you what they mean to you.

Reading The Italian Wine Label - Often confusing, but if you mastered a lot of the above, it gets easy. We will take you some of the variations of wine labels in Italy.

Italian Wine Glossary - This glossary is not a redundant list of all the wine words you learned in the sections above. Instead, it complements your new vocabulary with a list of helpful italian wine terms and their meanings.

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