Italian Wine Glossary

Our Italian Wine Glossary is designed to help you with some of the hundreds of words used to describe and communicate in the Italian wine world. Many of these wine words are found in appropriate venues throughout this site as they are necessary to understanding the topic. You may come across other less common wine words, nonetheless, important to in your quest to be an Italian wine expert. They may be used in describing wines, grapes, techniques, places, etc., and these, we include in our glossary.

The following list does not contain words found in other parts of For example, regions, classifications, and grape varietals are discussed in those sections. To see other pages, start with one of the following links.

Abboccato - Semi-dry

Aceto - Vinegar

Alcool - Alcohol

Amabile - Semi-sweet

Amaro - Bitter Annoso - Aged

Annata - Vintage year

Aromatico - Aromatic

Asciutto - Totally dry.

Astringente - Astringent, high tannins

Azienda - Company, business organization

Azienda agricola - Company which grows own grapes

Azienda vinacola - Company which buys grapes

Bianco - White

Botte - Cask or barrel

Botticella - Small cask

Bottiglia - Bottle

Bricco, Bric - Hillside vineyard

Brut - Dry, sparkling

Cantina - Cellar

Caraffa di Decantazione - Decanter

Cascina - Farmhouse

Castello - Castle

Classico- -Traditional methods

Dolce - Sweet

Enoteca - Wine shop

Etichetta - Label

Fattoria - Farm or estate, usually smaller than tenuta

Fermentazione naturale - Natural fermentation

Frizzante or frizzantino - Semi-sparkling

Frutta - Fruit

Gradazione alcoolica - Alcoholic percentage

Grappa - Strong liquor made from grape skins and other leftovers

Imbottigliata - Bottled

Imbottigliato all’origin - Bottled by the producer

Invecchiato - Aged

Liquoroso - Strong wine, high alcohol.

Litro - Liter

Metedo Classico - Bubbly like Champagne

Normale - Normal

Novello - New, to be consumed while young

Passito - Sweet Wine made from dried grapes

Podere - Small wine estate or farm

Produttore - Producer

Recioto - Sweet Wine made from partly dried grapes

Riserva - Aging distinction

Ronco - hillside vineyard

Rosato - Rosé

Rosso - red

Secco - Dry

Spumante - Sparkling

Superiore - Quality distinction

Tannino - Tannin

Tenuta - Farm or estate

Uva - Grape

Valle - Valley

Vecchio - Old

Vendemmia - Vintage, harvest

Viticoltore - Grape grower

Vigna - Vine. vineyard

Vigneto - Vineyard

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